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ASEAN WEEKLY: 11-17 June 2018


Weekly roundup of ASEAN economic news and updates from local and international press.

Highlights of the past week • Cybersafety in Asean • Indonesia’s investment-led growth continues • Thai gamblers gear up for World Cup • Making Singapore a Peace Centre • Malaysia must brace for short-term pain • New projects put Philippines on a wave of growth • Anti-China protests in Vietnam set to aggravate tensions with Beijing • New Fin Min revives reform hopes in Myanmar • Cambodia earns UN economic council seat • Laos ‘not concerned’ about debt from China’s Belt and Road • Brunei projected to post strong GDP growth


  • ASEAN and the New South China Sea Reality Read
  • Asean needs to deepen regional financial cooperation Read
  • Asean Single Window expansion pushed Read
  • Cybersafety in Asean Read
  • ASEAN MPs Say Cambodia Election ‘Not Legitimate’ Read
  • Trump reaffirms commitment to ASEAN Read
  • Cambodian FM says Cambodia can bridge SCO and ASEAN Read
  • Asean markets fall after Fed hike; Thailand hits 6-month low Read
  • Southeast Asia’s Environmental Report Card Read
  • Plastic waste export tide turns to south-east Asia after China ban Read


  • Bank Indonesia says another rate hike possible Read
  • Analyst: BI Should Not Increase Rate Read
  • Indonesia applies anti-dumping duties on VN steel Read
  • Indonesia`s investment-led growth continues: World Bank Read
  • Indonesian Agency Tries to Flex Soft Power Through Art Read
  • Employing refugees in Indonesia: Is it possible? Read
  • Indonesia Businesses Optimistic About Future Prospects Read
  • Indonesia sneaks up on Singapore with flurry of port projects Read
  • Indonesia Tries to Get Companies to Hold More Rupiah to Stem Weakness Read
  • Why Do Motorcycle Exports from Indonesia Rise Strongly? Read


  • Thailand May Skirt Global Monetary Tightening Until 2019 Read
  • Election boost seen for market Read
  • Thailand climbs in global rankings for cost of living Read
  • Thailand, Japan team up for robotics Read
  • Proposed Lao dam ‘a threat to Thailand’ Read
  • Mazda’s Thai sales rise 48% in May as economic growth picks up speed Read
  • Govt website aims to train 10m Thai youth for digital era Read
  • Thai allows securities firms to trade FX for clients Read
  • Thai gamblers gear up for World Cup Read
  • New Thai SEC Crypto Regulations Go Live Soon Read


  • Singapore economy at risk from faster-than-expected rate hikes Read
  • Singapore retail sales a mixed bag; inches up 0.4% in April Read
  • Singapore back among top 20 most expensive cities for expats Read
  • Singapore’s Q3 job outlook brightest in 3 years Read
  • Singapore’s growth forcast for 2018 kept at 3.2 pct: survey Read
  • No swan song for Singapore semiconductors Read
  • Enterprise Singapore opens overseas centre in Kenya Read
  • Singapore and Rwanda to create more business opportunities Read
  • Making Singapore a Peace Centre Read
  • The Singapore Strategy Fascinates Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un Read


  • Malaysia’s new government struggling to clean up economic ‘mess’ Read
  • Malaysia’s Najib may face charges of money laundering … Read
  • ‘Mini 1MDBs’ rife across Malaysia, Mahathir’s top adviser says Read
  • Malaysia to probe Battersea property deal: Anwar Read
  • Malaysia Takes Stock of Government-linked ‘Monster’ Companies Read
  • Malaysian King offers to reduce his allowance by 10% due to concern for economy Read
  • How Malaysia’s political awakening can inspire Hong Kong Read
  • Malaysia must brace for short-term pain Read
  • Moody’s maintains Malaysia debt burden at 50.8% of GDP Read
  • Dare to hope for more in Malaysia’s new democracy Read


  • US interest rate policies pose risks to global, PH economy Read
  • How Solar Power Is Changing The Lives Of Some In The Philippines Read
  • Peso depreciation to drive inflation, yet good for Philippine exports Read
  • Foreign investments into PH surged in Q1 on strong economic prospects Read
  • Cybersecurity a must for Philippine organizations Read
  • In the Philippines, Dynamite Fishing Decimates Entire Ocean Food Chains Read
  • Philippines’ San Miguel eyes Malaysia’s state assets sale Read
  • Philippines delays rebel talks but says ‘breakthroughs’ near Read
  • New projects put Philippines on a wave of growth Read
  • 120th Independence Day of Philippines Read


  • WB: Vietnam’s economy improves further Read
  • North Korea reportedly wants a ‘Vietnam-like’ debut to the world … Read
  • Vietnam Must Tread Carefully to Win Investment Grade, Fitch Says Read
  • How a Street Vendor’s Son Became One of Vietnam’s Top Tycoons Read
  • Anti-China protests in Vietnam set to aggravate tensions with Beijing Read
  • Hà Nội to inspect resettlement apartments Read
  • VN stocks positive on ETF reviews Read
  • New Vietnam international airport to open in December Read
  • IoT changing business landscape Read
  • Financial experts urge caution against dollar loans Read


  • ‘Myanmar Insight’ in Thailand to boost bilateral economic ties Read
  • Japan to offer grant aid to Myanmar for financial market development Read
  • China proposals new infrastructure projects in Myanmar Read
  • Myanmar’s ‘semi-isolation’ shows danger of rejecting multilateralism … Read
  • New Fin Min revives reform hopes in Myanmar Read
  • EU interest in Myanmar market tamed by Rakhine crisis Read
  • Myanmar mindful of Sri Lanka’s debt crisis when mulling Kyaukphyu SEZ Read
  • US to continue support for Myanmar: senior official Read
  • Myanmar can’t ignore global interest in Rohingya Read
  • Sexual harassment in the Myanmar workplaces Read


  • Cambodia warns against ‘clean finger’ election boycott Read
  • Construction work on China-funded stadium in Cambodia in full swing Read
  • Cambodian FM says Cambodia can bridge SCO and ASEAN Read
  • Why the Idea of Building a Hindu Dham in Cambodia Is Problematic Read
  • UN rights experts call on Cambodia to ensure media freedom ahead of vote Read
  • Cambodia’s New Online Media Directive Criticized as ‘Censorship’ Read
  • US Treasury Slaps Sanctions on Cambodian PM’s Bodyguard Chief … Read
  • Cambodia’s Election is Pre-Determined, but What Happens Afterward? Read
  • Cambodia expands its deep sea port Read
  • Cambodia earns UN economic council seat Read


  • Laos announces fourth Mekong dam amid fears of ecological disaster Read
  • Laos will be a Least Developed Country till 2024, PM admits Read
  • Laos stresses the need to borrow as West raises debt alarm Read
  • Don’t Forget France in Laos Read
  • Workers from Laos to upgrade skills in Japan Read
  • Laos ‘not concerned’ about debt from China’s Belt and Road Read
  • Laos Welcomes First Certified Cryptocurrency Exchange Read


  • Brunei Darussalam projected to post strong GDP growth Read
  • Royal Brunei Enduro targets international cyclists Read
  • Brunei’s troubled heart: the story of Kampong Ayer Read
  • Brunei’s local markets witness booming business in Ramadan Read
  • Brunei official to visit China Read


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