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ASEAN WEEKLY: 14-20 May 2018


Weekly roundup of ASEAN economic news and updates from local and international press.

Highlights of the past week • Asean balancing act • Indonesia hikes rates in bid to halt slide in rupiah • Thai junta’s slow investment spending could drag on growth • Philippines’ iconic Jeepney vehicles are going electric • Reported white-collar crime hits record high in Singapore • Anwar Ibrahim’s dramatic rise and fall – and rise again • Vietnam’s Next Economic Driver? • Myanmar property falls back to earth • New dam in Cambodia ‘would destroy Mekong’ • Lao PDR’s geopolitical advantage in Southeast Asia • Brunei’s independence tested by China, Saudi and waning oil


  • CEOs assess business sentiment across ASEAN markets Read
  • Asean balancing act Read
  • South-east Asia is getting ‘smart’ with urbanisation Read
  • Assam, India’s expressway to ASEAN Read
  • Asean’s role in the Trump-Kim summit: The Nation Read
  • Skilled Labour Mobility, Educational Reforms Vital For ASEAN Bloc Read
  • Asean sets up plan to combat fake news Read
  • The shift to a modern workplace in ASEAN Read
  • ASEAN condemns terrorist attacks in Indonesia Read
  • Cause to Celebrate Democracy in Southeast Asia Read


  • Currency fragility puts strong pressure on Bank Indonesia Read
  • Indonesia hikes rates in bid to halt slide in rupiah Read
  • Indonesia ‘absolutely should be booming’ says HSBC country head Read
  • World Bank: Indonesia needs to further strengthen PFM Read
  • 12 Countries Issue Travel Advisory after Bomb Terror in Indonesia Read
  • Sri Mulyani: Surabaya Bombings Won`t Rock Indonesia`s Economy Read
  • Indonesia gov’t expects rupiah to avg 13700-14000 next year Read
  • Indonesia finalizes fiscal incentives for investments below Rp 500b Read
  • Indonesian Central Bank Governor’s Exit Is a Deja Vu Read
  • Why an Emerging Market Rout Has Hit Indonesia So Hard: QuickTake Read


  • Thailand’s junta targets opposition for criticising election delays Read
  • Thai military moves to cement relations with big business Read
  • Thai jobs on the line if the country fails to adapt to new technologies Read
  • EEC, poll boost mood,StanChart boss says Read
  • World Bank report urges Thailand to revisit migrant worker policies to pursue 4.0 growth strategy Read
  • Thailand woos South Korean investment Read
  • Crypto-tax ‘will hit economy’ Read
  • The problem with disruptive digital upstarts Read
  • Thai junta’s slow investment spending could drag on growth Read
  • Facebook vows to boost its investment in Thailand Read


  • Closing Gender Gap Could Bring $40 Billion to Philippine Economy Read
  • Philippines posts higher dollar outflows in April Read
  • Fitch unit hikes 2018 Philippines growth forecast to 6.5% Read
  • Philippines’ iconic Jeepney vehicles are going electric Read
  • Electricity in the Philippines does not need to be so expensive—or dirty Read
  • Philippines President Duterte orders lifting of Kuwait worker ban Read
  • Will Sereno ouster affect economy? Read
  • Philippines, Papua New Guinea sign agriculture cooperation Read
  • Philippine peso trades weaker as global uncertainty lifts dollar Read
  • Boracay shutdown spooks European tour operators Read


  • Singapore’s domestic wholesale trade grows 6.6% in Q1 Read
  • Liang Eng Hwa on the future development of Singapore’s economy Read
  • PM Lee to meet Mahathir in Malaysia on Saturday Read
  • Inequality threatens Singapore Dream Read
  • What Singapore needs to do to remain effective and attractive Read
  • Singapore wine drinkers trade up to premium products Read
  • Singapore exports power past estimates, tech slowdown continues Read
  • Reported white-collar crime hits record high in Singapore Read
  • Moderate-growth forecast not cause for worry: PM Read
  • Over 1300 SMEs adopted digital solutions through Tech Depot Read


  • Economy grew at slower pace of 5.4% in Q1 of 2018 Read
  • Malaysia Sees Favorable Growth Outlook as Policy Risks Mount Read
  • Mahathir warns many figures on Malaysia’s financial position are false Read
  • Anwar Ibrahim’s dramatic rise and fall – and rise again Read
  • Why Malaysia has scrapped the GST that accounted for 18% of govt’s revenue Read
  • Malaysia Q1 current account surplus rises to RM15b Read
  • Malaysia’s New Leaders Lay Out Economic Reforms, Rattle Nerves Read
  • Malaysia’s Team of Eminent Persons assure investors over economy Read
  • Malaysia to see more fund inflows Read
  • Zeti: Changes in the country are happening at “a very positive time.” Read


  • Việt Nam’s economic outlook brightens Read
  • Vietnam’s Next Economic Driver? Private and Foreign Education Read
  • Cuba new investment destination for Vietnamese firms Read
  • China Crushes Vietnam’s South China Sea Drilling Hopes Read
  • Fitch upgrades Vietnam credit rating on economic policy record Read
  • VN records huge trade surplus in UK market Read
  • Banks tighten real estate loans amid land fever in Vietnam Read
  • Vietnam set to tighten clamps on Facebook and Google, threatening dissidents Read
  • 3 reasons smart investors are banking on Vietnam Read
  • Thriving Consumer Lending Market in Vietnam Read


  • Myanmar GDP on the Rise, Expected to Continue: World Bank Read
  • Myanmar property falls back to earth Read
  • Myanmar likely to open more sectors to FDI Read
  • Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan drafted, govt feedback sought Read
  • Myanmar Accelerates Economic Reforms to Attract Investment Read
  • Yangon unveils priority projects for investment, eyes sustainable urban development Read
  • Myanmar opens up for foreign retailers and wholesalers Read
  • Minimum wage a step forward for democracy and sustainable development Read
  • Untangling Myanmar’s trade in human hair Read
  • Myanmar First Mover TPG Seeks to Create $700 Million Tower Giant Read


  • New dam in Cambodia ‘would destroy Mekong’ Read
  • Exports to US up 25 pct in Q1 Read
  • The collapse of Cambodia’s free press Read
  • Cambodian Electoral Watchdog Group Decides Against Monitoring General Elections Read
  • Long way to go before Cambodia gets a ‘smart city’ Read
  • Spotlight: Cambodia aims to be mine-free by 2025 Read
  • Cambodia files first charge under new royal insult law Read
  • Japan calls for fair Cambodia elections Read
  • ANZ Group pulls out of Cambodian joint venture Read
  • New owner of Phnom Penh Post denies Cambodian government launched crackdown on independent press Read


  • Laos seeks coal development cooperation with ASEAN partners Read
  • Is Laos Really Launching a New Corruption Crackdown? Read
  • Laos: The legacy of the US ‘secret war’ still takes a deadly toll Read
  • Laos, Cambodia vow to jointly resolve border dispute Read
  • Lao journalists are urged to inspire readers Read
  • Typany Lao Keyboard has Officially Launched Read
  • Lao PDR’s geopolitical advantage in Southeast Asia Read


  • Brunei economy poised for giant leap next year Read
  • Brunei’s independence tested by China, Saudi and waning oil Read
  • Three Brunei startups to pitch in Indonesia Read
  • Singapore-Brunei Security Ties in Focus with Presidential Visit Read
  • Call for Singapore, Brunei firms to join hands Read
  • Big screen launched as Brunei eyes more visitors Read


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