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ASEAN WEEKLY: 18-24 June 2018


Weekly roundup of ASEAN economic news and updates from local and international press.

Highlights of the past week • Media and Politics in Southeast Asia • Indonesia’s slow and circuitous road to democracy • Little to ‘like’ about Thai junta’s economy • Highly skilled workers’ pay set to jump with talent crunch • Malaysian PM Mahathir sees fair value of ringgit at 3.8 • Bear market in bullish Philippines economy • Beneath Vietnam’s economic glow simmers discontent • Myanmar’s Fast-Food Boom Is Boosting Palm Oil • Why China’s New Cambodia Military Boost Matters • Investment in Laos keeps rising • Bringing inclusivity to Brunei


  • US-China trade war may benefit Asean Read
  • Greater regional financial cooperation needed within Asean Read
  • ASEAN is like a great jazz ensemble Read
  • Tax Compliance in ASEAN in 2018 Read
  • Dengue-prone Asean to tighten defences Read
  • ASEAN’s largest solar plant planned in Vietnam Read
  • Alibaba v. Tencent: Taking the Fight to Southeast Asia Read
  • Media and Politics in Southeast Asia Read
  • Capital punishment far from dead in Southeast Asia Read
  • Dark art of politics clouds Southeast Asian soccer Read


  • Indonesia’s slow and circuitous road to democracy Read
  • Indonesia`s Rp4 tn Foreign Debt Controllable, BI Governor Says Read
  • 70 Percent of Indonesian Smokers in Productive Age Read
  • Indonesia’s Order to Foreign Workers: Learn the Language Read
  • Indonesia poised to benefit as China’s Belt and Road turns green Read
  • President Jokowi Wants SMEs to Develop and Improve Read
  • The problem with ISI policies in Indonesia Read
  • Why Indonesia is so bad at lawmaking Read
  • Grab Indonesia says fake bookings cost Grab, Go-Jek millions of dollars Read
  • Indonesia’s Biggest Fund Shares all About The Country’s Startup Ecosystem Read


  • Little to ‘like’ about Thai junta’s economy Read
  • UK PM calls for ‘free elections’ in Thailand Read
  • Election Risk Clouds Thailand’s Outlook After Jump in Growth Read
  • BOT wary of the impact from US-China trade war Read
  • Thai SMEs can cash in on China’s vast online market Read
  • Belt, Road enhances regional benefit of Beijing-Bangkok ties Read
  • Country heading for Bt286 bn hit from cyber attacks, study finds Read
  • Thai May exports rise 11.4 pct yoy, beat forecast Read
  • Thai business outlook weakest in ASEAN due to political instability Read
  • Thailand Hotels Industry Outlook expected to be bright for 2018-20 Read


  • Singapore relinquishes top spot in digital-competitiveness ranking Read
  • Singapore’s advertising economy set to become the only Asia Pacific market to shrink in 2018 Read
  • Highly skilled workers’ pay set to jump with talent crunch Read
  • Singapore Pledges to Cut Cash, Checks on Path to Digital Economy Read
  • Singapore deepens ties with Kenya, Rwanda Read
  • May exports growth hits 7-month high but outlook is cloudy Read
  • Civil servants to get 0.5-month mid-year bonus, one-off lump sum payment of at least S$300 Read
  • Why Singapore is a Hub for Indian Businesses Read
  • Singapore Air CEO sees risk to cargo yields beyond trade dispute Read
  • ExxonMobil starts up 2 new plants in S’pore Read


  • Malaysia’s economy more diversified than thought Read
  • It’s the economy, so less bad news please, Putrajaya told Read
  • Malaysia power shift hits China infrastructure drive Read
  • Malaysia to inject RM2.8b to complete TRX City Read
  • For whom do we build the Malaysian economy? Read
  • With GST scrapped, Malaysia’s inflation expected to decline Read
  • Funds wary of Malaysia as 1MDB swells debt Read
  • Malaysia could extend tax breaks for key foreign investors: Mahathir Read
  • Malaysia looks for stronger economic ties with Turkey Read
  • Malaysian PM Mahathir sees fair value of ringgit at 3.8 Read


  • Weak Peso Benefits Philippines Economy, Finance Chief Says Read
  • More Duterte fallout on the Philippine economy Read
  • Philippines to rely on Japan’s help in fueling the economy —DOF Read
  • Philippines manufacturing fuels broader economic growth Read
  • Philippines plans to issue 1-bln-USD Samurai bond Read
  • Bear market in a bullish economy Read
  • US-China trade war affects PHL economy Read
  • Can the Philippines eradicate poverty? (Part I) Read
  • PHL online hiring up 14% in March — Read
  • Developer hypes it up in City of Love Read


  • Beneath Vietnam’s economic glow simmers discontent Read
  • In Vietnam, distrust of government’s China policy fuels protests Read
  • Fishing Nets and Market Economy Status Tie up US-Vietnam Trade Read
  • VN encouraged to tap Australian wooden furniture market Read
  • Vietnam deals with pressure to improve labour productivity Read
  • Banks hope to lure foreign investors Read
  • Dollar hike won’t significantly affect VN’s economy Read
  • G-bonds see higher interest rates Read
  • Vinalines gets PM’s nod to sell 20% stake Read
  • In Vietnam’s nearly untapped market, foreign retailers dream big Read


  • Myanmar’s Fast-Food Boom Is Boosting Palm Oil Read
  • Engage to overcome Myanmar bias against Chinese investments Read
  • Myanmar urged to do more to attract Korean investment Read
  • ICC gives Myanmar deadline over Rohingya case jurisdiction Read
  • Chinese manufacturers eye Myanmar base as trade war escalates Read
  • In Myanmar, sex education comes from smartphones Read
  • Myanmar, China to sign MoU on economic corridor project Read
  • Viettel signs up 1m subscribers in Myanmar in first 10 days Read
  • Myanmar vows to promote responsible investment Read
  • Myanmar’s Yangon parliament agrees to expand industrial zones in sub-areas Read


  • China pledges $100 million to modernize Cambodia’s military Read
  • Why China’s New Cambodia Military Boost Matters Read
  • Premier calls for more investment from neighbours Read
  • Cambodia arrests 5 in crackdown on commercial surrogacy Read
  • World Bank pledges $110 mln to upgrade Cambodia’s key highway Read
  • Life story of a beggar-turned-stall holder in Cambodia Read
  • Cambodia Issues Warning Against Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Trading Read
  • Cambodia compares to dictatorships, says Election monitor Koul Panha Read
  • The next Macau? China’s big gamble in Cambodia Read
  • Interview: Mory Sar Says Cambodian Youths Are Voices of Change Read


  • Laos facing structural challenges despite robust economic growth: report Read
  • World Bank shrugs off responsibility for hydro project in Laos Read
  • China helps Laos in training of economic development planning Read
  • Lao rice consumers pay highest price in region: World Bank Read
  • Investment in Laos keeps rising, says PM Read
  • Lao central bank removes foreign currency borrowing ban Read
  • Vietnamese Vice President pays official visit to Laos Read
  • Laos to apply Vietnamese tech for e-governance Read


  • Why Brunei Darussalam is getting a reputation as an ecotourism destination Read
  • Bringing inclusivity to Brunei Read
  • Brunei’s passport 18th powerful in the world Read
  • Brunei’s royal palace receives over 110000 visitors in 3-day opening Read
  • Brunei: Senior military officers enhance practical knowledge of IHL Read


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