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ASEAN WEEKLY: 23-29 April 2018


Weekly roundup of ASEAN economic news and updates from local and international press.

Highlights of the past week • ASEAN: What you need to know about the globally important group • Bank Indonesia open to rate rises • Experts worried about lack of Thai digital skills • Dutertenomics — less than meets the eye • What Industry 4.0 means to Singapore • Malaysia’s IPO market • Foreign ownership at Vietnam’s PVFCCo • Will Myanmar become the new Bangladesh? • Cambodia’s Emerging Resource Economy • The Truth About the New Laos Minimum Wage Hike • Brunei trade balance


  • Singapore seeks consensus on tackling Asean challenges Read
  • Big plans for Asean Read
  • Gerrish: ‘We need ASEAN to do more for us’ on market access Read
  • ASEAN to air fears over China’s reclamation in South China Sea Read
  • Rise of digital economy pushes ASEAN toward policy coordination Read
  • Japan partners with ASEAN countries on disaster insurance Read
  • Suu Kyi to skip Asean summit in Singapore Read
  • ASEAN: What you need to know about the globally important group Read
  • New Silk Road’s Impact on ASEAN Read
  • Documentary launched to sell Asean as tourist destination to Chinese Read


  • Indonesian president turns to populist policies ahead of tough 2019 election Read
  • Indonesian Consumer Confidence bounces back up to 156.3 Read
  • CEOs Turn Less Optimistic about Indonesia’s Politics and Economy Read
  • Indonesian motorcycle taxi drivers protest low online tariffs Read
  • Bank Indonesia open to rate rises Read
  • Jail for top Indonesia politician ‘turning point’ in war on graft Read
  • Rate Risks, Rupiah Send Indonesian Stocks to Dec. Low Read
  • Insight: Twenty years after a revolution: Resurgent Indonesia Read
  • Indonesia’s poorest see little benefit from economic growth Read
  • Minister Rudiantara: No Answer from Facebook Read


  • Thailand and Alibaba sign national digital transformation deal Read
  • Thailand not a currency manipulator, says central bank chief Read
  • SET-registered companies CEOs obtimistic on this year’s economic growth Read
  • BoT chief: Recovery broadens Read
  • Thai govt issues warning over malware attacks Read
  • Captial outflows from Thai assets not a worry chief Read
  • Thai companies keen to invest $3 billion in Indian infrastructure projects Read
  • Thai appetite for online commerce tempts S’pore firms Read
  • Experts worried about lack of Thai digital skills Read
  • Workers’ household debts at 10-year high Read


  • New destinations for Philippine workers are Russia, China Read
  • Philippine economy to lose up to P1.96 billion over Boracay closure Read
  • Kuwait asks Filipino ambassador to leave Read
  • Philippines to Allow Cryptocurrency Trading in Special Economic Zone Read
  • Cagayan Valley’s economy grows faster at 7.2% in 2017 Read
  • Buoyant start to the year for the Philippines Read
  • Dutertenomics — less than meets the eye Read
  • AI threatens 16% of workers in PHL —Accenture Read
  • ‘Reforms to ensure PHL economy won’t overheat’ Read
  • Go-Jek to Expand to Philippines Read


  • 2018 outlook positive despite global trade risks, says MAS Read
  • Singapore’s factory output rises, powered again by tech Read
  • Singapore gears up to be Asean gateway for German firms Read
  • Singapore and Zhejiang to cooperate on Belt and Road opportunities Read
  • Singapore pledges to help with IMO’s capacity building Read
  • What Industry 4.0 means to Singapore and why its workers must upskill and lose their sense of entitlement Read
  • Commentary: With the Cabinet reshuffle, the race for Singapore’s next Prime Minister has narrowed Read
  • More debate on Singapore’s approach to foreign labour Read
  • Record profits for Singapore’s top 1000 companies Read
  • Recovery in Singapore home prices gains momentum Read


  • Malaysia’s Najib says markets to decide on ringgit Read
  • High oil prices to boost Malaysian economy and government coffer Read
  • Malaysian economy seen to grow slower in June to August Read
  • This Sleepy IPO Market Could Have a Big Year Read
  • Malaysia’s Election and Southeast Asia: Issues and Implications Read
  • Malaysia plans to double airport capacity for 2 billion fliers in Asia Read
  • Tencent to establish data centre in Malaysia by July this year Read
  • Malaysian High Court allows Mahathir’s PPBM to continue Read
  • Petronas, TM sign MoU on digital ventures Read
  • Malaysian labour force up 2% to nearly 15 million in 2017 Read


  • Surge in production and exports boosts Vietnam’s economic expectations Read
  • Consumer Optimism Further Boosts Vietnam’s Economy Read
  • Recovery of livestock strengthens Vietnam economy Read
  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Vietnam’s Trade Statistics Read
  • Smart cities network to include 3 Vietnam cities Read
  • Foreign ownership at PVFCCo likely to be raised Read
  • Consumers power strong Vietnam growth, FTCR finds Read
  • Shares rebound on banking stocks Read
  • More South Koreans Are Learning Vietnamese. Why? Read
  • Vietnam’s e-commerce companies face logistics and price perception challenges Read


  • Myanmar needs ‘more transparency, strategies’ Read
  • Myanmar’s electricity goals depend on ODA Read
  • Myanmar struggles to sustain foreign investment Read
  • SMEs need more funding, support system to expand further Read
  • Disappointment at government hasn’t eroded support among businesses: academic Read
  • Will Myanmar become the new Bangladesh? Read
  • Thousands flee fresh clashes in northern Myanmar: UN Read
  • A golden opportunity breaks gender barrier Read
  • Kirin to brew 60% more beer in thirsty Myanmar Read
  • Myanmar Rebels: Clashes with Govt Could Displace More People Read


  • Cambodia’s Emerging Resource Economy Read
  • Moody’s keeps ‘stable’ rating for Cambodia Read
  • World Bank OK’s $90 million for education Read
  • China-Cambodia venture to build new Kampot port Read
  • EU, U.S. reluctant to remove trade preferences for Cambodia garments: Fitch’s BMI Read
  • Alternative views on Cambodia Read
  • Cambodia’s startup ecosystem to put their best foot forward at the TOP100 Qualifier Roadshow Read
  • Cambodia wants Thailand to hand over opposition figure Read
  • A primer on flying to Cambodia in your own business jet Read
  • Is the EU complicit in the destruction of Cambodia’s forests? Read


  • The Truth About the New Laos Minimum Wage Hike Read
  • ADB approves $30m for Laos health services Read
  • Laos to Track Thai Fugitives Suspected of Royal Insult – Media Read
  • Macau Legend plans min US$300-mln further Laos input Read
  • Vietnam, Laos beef up legislative ties Read


  • Brunei trade balance increases by 33.1pc in December 2017 Read
  • Brunei’s vaccination coverage almost 100%, exceeding WHO goal Read
  • A new eye-care experience at Perfect Vision Brunei Read
  • BIBD introduces MSME account with $50 minimum balance Read
  • Immigration: ‘EZ Pass’ will improve border crossings to Brunei Read
  • New project in Brunei could help build Japan’s hydrogen society Read


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