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ASEAN WEEKLY: 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2017


Weekly roundup of ASEAN economic news and updates from local and international press.

Highlights of the past week • Asean centrality • Indonesia’s sequel to tax amnesty • Thai salaries set to rise • Duterte’s ‘twin deficits’• Preparing for Singapore’s GST hike • Malaysia’s troubling banks • Time for VN agriculture go hi-tech • Myanmar’s awful schools • Freedom is on the wane in Cambodia • Powering Investment in Laos • Brunei branches into ecotourism


  • Is China chipping away at the Asean bloc? Read
  • Statesman who raised ASEAN’s international profile Read
  • ASEAN and China to start talks over disputed waters Read
  • 5 facts about Duterte’s ASEAN chairmanship Read
  • ASEAN, EU agree to promote and protect human rights Read
  • Asean centrality: What’s that? Read
  • Risks, opportunities differ widely in Asean Read
  • Why SMEs could be the heart of ASEAN’s economic success Read
  • New Opportunities From the ASEAN-Hong Kong Free Trade … Read
  • Hyundai hits Asean goal in PH Read


  • Erupting volcano is suffocating Bali’s economy Read
  • Indonesian Media Urge Bitcoiners to Cash In Ahead of Crypto Ban Read
  • Why Indonesia matters in US ties with South-east Asia Read
  • Indonesia launches sequel to tax amnesty Read
  • Speaker’s arrest puts Indonesia parliament in graft spotlight, again Read
  • Indonesian Consumer Confidence highest for over two years at 153.8 Read
  • BI: Indonesia Sees 5.8-6.2 Percent Economic Growth in 2019 Read
  • Farmer wages may offer clues as weak demand baffles Indonesian officials Read
  • Pertamina’s bind shows perils of petrol price controls Read
  • Trump’s Indonesia Partner to Back Jokowi for President in 2019 Read


  • Tourists and exports drove Thai economic expansion in October Read
  • Cabinet’s economic team sets out goals to build on recovery Read
  • Thailand’s economic growth likely to come close to 4% Read
  • Thai salaries set to rise 5-6% annually in short term Read
  • Thai Oct factory output rises 0.48 pct y/y, well below forecast Read
  • China, Thailand move toward bright future together Read
  • Investment agency steps up pitch for fund flows into economic zones Read
  • State firms to spend 52%more in 2018 Read
  • 300000 new SMEs targeted Read
  • Thailand’s Stop-Go Democracy Awaits Next Green Light: QuickTake Read


  • PH economy: Not just catching up, but leaving neighbors behind Read
  • Philippines Needs New Drivers to Modernize Economy Read
  • Community-based ecozone eyed to revive Marawi economy Read
  • Solid domestic demand boosts Philippine manufacturing in November Read
  • Duterte’s ‘twin deficits’: What you need to know Read
  • Weak peso raises PH debt to P6.5 trillion Read
  • An Investment Boom in Philippines Leaves Neighbors in the Dust Read
  • Philippine auto sales swerve in response to erratic polices Read
  • Official stresses reintegration of returning Filipinos Read
  • Making the Philippines an archipelago for entrepreneurs Read


  • Microchip surge warps Singapore’s economic and policy outlook Read
  • Singapore, Australia ratify upgraded free trade agreement Read
  • MAS warns of ‘excessive exuberance’ in property market Read
  • Salaries in Singapore likely to rise 3.9% next year: Mercer Read
  • Civil servants to get biggest bonus in four years Read
  • Singapore’s 5.2% GDP growth is not sustainable: Morgan Stanley Read
  • Singapore services business receipts grow 6.3% in Q3 Read
  • Smart city growth: urban management in Singapore Read
  • Preparing for a GST hike Read
  • Singapore workers fall short in global survey on taking responsibility for upgrading own skills Read


  • The Malaysian economy is turning. Will Najib’s luck? Read
  • Malaysia promotes role as gateway to region’s economy Read
  • PM: GDP for SMEs set to soar Read
  • Najib: Japan helping M’sia prepare for Industrial Revolution 4.0 Read
  • Forex RCI: Bank Negara losses affected Malaysia’s economy Read
  • Malaysia named region’s top emerging economy by WEF Read
  • Improved manufacturing may lead to interest rate hikes in Malaysia … Read
  • Digital economy in the spotlight as Malaysia commits to tech expansion and education Read
  • Bank On Trouble: Big Four Could Take Economy Down With Them Read
  • Malaysia Wrestles With Beijing’s One Belt One Road Bonanza Read


  • Vietnam Nov factory activity growth slows as output softens Read
  • Over VND2.7 quadrillion pumped in Vietnam’s economy Read
  • Time for VN agriculture go hi-tech Read
  • Vietnam Sheds Its Minnow Status Read
  • Smartphone ownership keeps growing: report Read
  • ILO: Vietnam should extend social protection to informal economy Read
  • Internet of Things to drive VN digital transformation Read
  • PM: Italy to boost ties with VN Read
  • VIB to use profits to add to core capital Read
  • VN committed to constant digital innovation Read


  • Myanmar’s awful schools are a drag on the economy—and politics Read
  • Myanmar and China to cooperate on economic corridor Read
  • Raising the role of women in the Myanmar economy Read
  • India acts fast to counter Chinese moves in Myanmar Read
  • Telco infrastructure a bright spot amid slow infrastructure growth Read
  • Myanmar has ‘no religious discrimination’, army chief tells Pope Read
  • Can India and Myanmar Create a Tourist Circuit? Read
  • From Paper to Platforms: Tax Collection in Myanmar Read
  • Doing business better in Myanmar Read
  • CB Bank leads Myanmar’s drive for digitalisation Read


  • US Envoy: Economic Support for Cambodia to Continue Read
  • Freedom is on the wane in Cambodia Read
  • Unionists Call on EU Not to Impose Economic Sanctions on Cambodia Read
  • Cambodia sets up task force for PPP infrastructure projects Read
  • Government slow on reforms: WTO review Read
  • Footwear a Growth Leader for Cambodia’s Exports, as Economy Expands Read
  • Chinese cash fuels gambling boom in Cambodian backwater Read
  • The new Sathapana Bank Read
  • New MFI enters jam-packed local market Read
  • Property sector won’t be rattled by politics Read


  • Hydropower project in Laos to help economy Read
  • Laos firmly moves forward! Read
  • Laos to accelerate procedures to grant citizenship to Vietnamese Read
  • UN Expert Calls on Laos to Boost Support for Child Sex Abuse Victims Read
  • Powering Investment in Laos Read
  • Vietnam’s company to plant 500 ha of rubber in Laos Read


  • Brunei branches into ecotourism Read
  • Brunei initiates launch of Asean Mineral Awards Read
  • Singapore, Brunei Conclude Military Exercise Read
  • India Warship Makes Brunei Visit Amid ASEAN Anniversary Read
  • Brunei economy recovers at 0.4 per cent in 2017 Read
  • KFC seeks to further expand presence in Brunei Read


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