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ASEAN WEEKLY: 4-10 June 2018


Weekly roundup of ASEAN economic news and updates from local and international press.

Highlights of the past week • ASEAN Terrorism Threat • Indonesia’s coming digital disruption • Thailand Will Trial Central Bank Digital Currency • A wake-up call for Singapore’s blockchain companies • Malaysia’s post-election challenges • Philippines’s money flow • Vietnam bets on success of SEZs • Myanmar’s insurance sector • Cambodia’s plastic problem • How the capital of Laos is cleaning up • Brunei and its role in the Fintech revolution


  • ASEAN Terrorism Threat in Focus at 2018 Shangri-La Dialogue Read
  • Asean to lead ‘start-up charge’—Fernandes Read
  • Why UK-ASEAN Trade Ties Are Thriving Read
  • Asean and Japan: Neighbours, friends, partners Read
  • Tourism dollars flow between S Korean and Asean Read
  • From taxation to financing, ASEAN is gearing up for green growth Read
  • Huawei sets US$81m for Asean drive | Bangkok Post: tech Read
  • Modi sees Asean as key to Indo-Pacific policy Read
  • ASEAN partners shine on Microsoft’s global stage Read
  • Asean’s ’11th member’ dips a toe in the bloc Read


  • World Bank projects Indonesian economy to grow 5.2% Read
  • Indonesia Central Bank Chief to Raise Rates Again If Needed Read
  • Indonesia’s coming digital disruption Read
  • Indonesian CEOs Optimistic About Business Prospects Read
  • The secret behind Indonesia’s tourism boom Read
  • $1b Loans From ADB to Support Indonesia’s Fiscal, Investment Reforms Read
  • Indonesia proves to be a ‘Disneyland for Big Tobacco’ Read
  • In Indonesia, the cost of a curry just got a whole lot pricier Read
  • Indonesia’s Growing Influence In Africa Read
  • €1m taking ‘Growth Hub’ to Indonesia Read


  • WB raises Thai growth forecast to 4.1 per cent Read
  • Thailand’s Economic Outlook in Six Charts Read
  • Indo-Thai bilateral trade to touch $11 bn in 2018 Read
  • Fitch Affirms Thailand at ‘BBB+’; Outlook Stable Read
  • Thais pessimistic about the economy ahead of 2019 election Read
  • Thailand Says It May Skirt Global Monetary Tightening Until 2019 Read
  • ‘Project Inthanon’: Thailand Will Trial Central Bank Digital Currency Read
  • Push for an independent think-tank Read
  • Portugal drives for rise in Thai investments Read
  • Public debt Level to be capped at 50% of GDP Read


  • Singapore GDP growth risks slowdown to 3% over weaker exports Read
  • Singapore among ‘most resilient’ in face of risks Read
  • Singapore manufacturing eases but still in expansionary mode Read
  • Green practices gaining ground with companies in Singapore Read
  • Behind the brain drain in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, stymied aspirations and growing rootlessness Read
  • Singapore to see financing spurt amid Asian growth Read
  • Younger Singapore leaders to build on China ties: Heng Read
  • India and Singapore: exploring the digital frontier Read
  • A wake-up call for Singapore’s blockchain companies Read
  • Why Singapore is the Right Place for the Trump-Kim Summit Read


  • Malaysian Governor Departure Adds Uncertainty to Economy in Flux Read
  • Malaysia’s Mahathir calls for review of trans-Pacific trade pact Read
  • Malaysia sets aside RM3b to finance fuel subsidies Read
  • Finance jobs to grow as the Malaysian economy stabilises in the year … Read
  • Malaysian royals agree with government’s choice of AG Read
  • Malaysian ex-PM’s wife faces grilling over graft claims Read
  • Let’s work smart in New Malaysia Read
  • Mahathir: We will live within our means Read
  • Malaysia’s post-election challenges Read
  • Malaysia’s April exports surge 14 pct y/y, beat forecast Read


  • World Bank retains below-target forecast for Philippine economy Read
  • Powering ahead: Demand driving Philippines’ economy Read
  • Philippines says May annual inflation at 4.6% Read
  • South Korea key to Philippines economic development Read
  • Philippines’ trade deficit widens sharply in April as imports surge Read
  • Needing big-ticket investments, Rodrigo Duterte turned to China Read
  • Philippine investments low vs Asian economies Read
  • Philippines’s money flow Read
  • The minimum wage and economic progress Read
  • Cybersecurity a must for Philippine organizations Read


  • Fitch Says Vietnam Economy on Strong Footing Read
  • WB raises Vietnam’s economic growth forecast to 6.8% Read
  • Vietnamese see special economic zones as assault from China Read
  • Blockchain boosts development of digital economy in Vietnam: experts Read
  • Việt Nam to get 5G in two years Read
  • Forbes Vietnam announces top 50 firms Read
  • Dragon fruit dominates Việt Nam fruit exports Read
  • Vietnam bets on success of SEZs Read
  • India-Vietnam Economic Relations – Analysis Read
  • Forest database key for Việt Nam Read


  • Uncertainty for economy remains despite pick-up in growth: World Bank Read
  • Myanmar’s insurance sector set for help from Japan Read
  • New finance chief seeks close coordination among ministries Read
  • Exclusive: Interview with Aung San Suu Kyi Read
  • Struggling Myanmar stock market gears up for more listings Read
  • High demand in NZ for Methamphetamine made in Myanmar Read
  • Myanmar hardline monks vow to defy Facebook ban Read
  • Wake up to the problem of electronic waste, Myanmar urged Read
  • Government launches Myanmar Law Information website Read
  • Myanmar targets plastic waste in growing green movement Read


  • Climate change to slash Cambodia’s productivity: report Read
  • Cambodia’s plastic problem Read
  • Cambodia to Monitor, ‘Control’ Online News Ahead of Upcoming Ballot Read
  • A Chinese colony takes shape in Cambodia Read
  • Digitalisation in Cambodian SMEs: Q&A with Kan Channmeta Read
  • Sihanoukville property rents skyrocket Read
  • Japan plays China’s game in Cambodia. Hun Sen wins Read
  • Deforestation for profit in Cambodia Read
  • Japan’s Kinokuniya Company Opens Its First Bookstore in Cambodia Read
  • Rainsy claims EU is to cut ties with Cambodia Read


  • Tourism industry fuels economic growth in Laos Read
  • Exclusive Interview: How the capital of Laos is cleaning up Read
  • Laos to upgrade quality of tourism to meet regional standards Read
  • Laos identifies new orchid species Read
  • Vietnamese, Lao youths boost cooperation Read
  • Lao National Assembly convenes 5th session Read
  • See the Rich Spiritual and Cultural Traditions of Laos Read


  • Singapore and Brunei ink deal to build up infocomm and media field Read
  • Three Brunei startups pitch in Jakarta Read
  • Brunei universities make it to QS fore Read
  • Islam in Brunei Darussalam Read
  • Better late than never? Brunei and its role in the Fintech revolution Read
  • Sustainability is key focus of Green Brunei Read


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